Premium Photography and Post-processing Video Education with Elia Locardi


I’ve teamed up with Fstoppers.com to produce a series of premium video tutorials and educational resources. We traveled to Iceland, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Dubai and parts of North and South America, so we could teach every aspect of Landscape, Cityscape, Astrophotography, and Post-processing.

Each edition of Photographing The World is a digital download and comes with every single raw file and PSD so you can easily recreate each lesson from start to finish. Lessons take place both in-the-field and then move into the post-processing phase, covering everything from scouting and shooting each location as well as how to edit the images and create truly compelling visual imagery.

The first tutorial is “Photographing The World: Landscape Photography & Post-processing“. With more than 12 hours of video content, and 15 unique lessons that become progressively more difficult as they go, this tutorial will take you from the on-location capture all the way through my post-processing techniques in the studio and teach you how I manually blend multiple exposures together to create dynamic and powerful photography.

The second tutorial is called “Photographing The World: Cityscape, Astrophotography, & Advanced Post-processing“. This tutorial takes things to a whole new level with 15 more hours of instructional content and 20 additional lessons that quickly ramp up in difficulty as they demonstrate how I seamlessly blend multiple exposures and different moments in time together to create my signature look. This video also includes and introduction to how I developed the business side of my photography.

The third tutorial is called “Photographing The World 3: Advanced Cityscapes.” With 14 new lessons, this tutorial ramps up in complexity once again and focuses on ‘Blending Moments in Time,’ where I take a series of photos captured all the way through sunset and blue hour and combine them together into one seamless image. This process is designed to encapsulate the entire memory of a location, from the vividness of an epic sunset, to the beautiful soft artificial lights of a city or town. Though it can be a highly digital process, I walk you through step-by-step and show you how fun and easy post-processing can be. In addition, unlike previous tutorials where I use 3rd party plugins to achieve my signature look, this time everything is done entirely with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. With precision and the highest quality output in mind, every technique learned can be applied using a fast and efficient 100% manual workflow that relies on no third party plug-ins. Whether you’re showing your work in an online portfolio or preparing images for high resolution printing, this workflow is designed to help empower you to get the highest quality and most seamless results possible.

The fourth tutorial is called “Photographing The World 4: Advanced Landscapes, and with 15 more lessons that take you from the deserts of The Southwestern United States to the enchanting mountains of Patagonia, this is by far the most comprehensive and advanced landscape photography tutorial ever created. Much like Photographing The World 3, each lesson in this tutorial relies 100% on a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop without ever using a 3rd party plugin. From blending multiple exposures, blending different moments in time, seamlessly replacing skies, or applying advanced luminosity masking techniques, every technique both in-the-field and in post-processing is broken down step-by-step so you can easily master each process.

From waterfalls and ice caves in Iceland, to the timeless architecture of Rome Italy, to the top of Victoria Peak in ultra-modern Hong Kong, to the amazing mountains of Patagonia, and even under the dark star-filled skies of New Zealand, Photographing the World has something for everyone interested in dramatically improving their landscape, cityscape, astrophotography, and post-processing. Whether you’re new to photography or a seasoned professional, there is certainly something valuable you can learn from this diverse collection of tutorials. Click on each thumbnail to find out more.

Intermediate Landscape Photography

Intermediate Cityscape Photography

Advanced Cityscape Photography

Advanced Landscape Photography

What’s Included In These Instant Digital Downloads:

Instant Digital Download of 50+ Hours of Combined Video Educational Content

(1080p, 23.9fps, H.264 mpg4, over 57GB of material – included between both tutorials)

60+ On Location and Studio Post-processing Lessons

(included between all tutorials)

Overview of every piece of photography gear Elia uses and why

Full RAW files and companion software catalogs so you can follow along

(Lightroom, PSD, and CaptureONE)

Private Elia Facebook Group access for extended education and photo sharing

4 Seasons of Companion Behind the Scenes episodes of our experiences traveling and filming this incredible project

(included between all tutorials)

Some Of The Many Topics That Are Covered In These Tutorials:

Complete Photography Basics - Understanding ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance, etc

Overview of best lenses and gear for Landscape, Cityscape, and Astrophotography

Tips for better composition, angles, and vantage points

Working in urban environments vs landscapes

Capturing stars, star trails and locating and photographing the Milky Way galaxy

Focus stacking and maximizing depth of field

Bracketing and multi exposure blending

Complete raw file processing and editing workflow

Time blending and combining different moments in time

Graduated neutral density filters

Solid neutral density filters

Blurring water and skies with long exposures

Intro and advanced panoramic photography and stitching

Dealing with sun flare

Understanding and mastering light - Golden hour, blue hour, sunrise, sunset, and night

Using lens compression to your advantage

Using fisheye lenses for artistic compositions

Removing and adding the human element into your images to force a sense of scale

Polarizing filters - when and when not to use them

Introduction and advanced luminosity masking

Advanced luminosity masking and how to create each kind from scratch while never needing to use a 3rd party plugin or panel

Extensive color correction and image adjustment

Precision sharpening and noise reduction

Complex selections and masking techniques

Seamless sky replacement techniques in both cityscape and landscape environments

Advanced object removal, painting, and cloning

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