Live on-stage during Photokina 2018

It was early in 2009 when I picked up a camera and launched my career as a full-time travel photographer. Back then, if someone would’ve told me that over the next 10 years I’d be visiting more than 65 countries, flying almost 2 million miles, and giving hundreds of talks, workshops and live events on stages all over the world, it would’ve been impossible to imagine. Now, the idea of flying 200,000 miles a year has become a commonplace, and so has the practice of seamlessly living and working no matter where I happen to be in the world.

In this presentation, I begin by telling the story of how Naomi and decided to amplify full-time travel in 2012 by selling nearly all of our possessions and become 100% location independent. For 5 years, we lived out of our suitcases with an extremely aggressive travel and work schedule that flung us all over the globe. Little by little, the projects and clients got larger along with the demands of always having to change out gear. In 2017, our lifestyle evolved, and once again we established a home base of operations in Florida. Though still on the road 10-11 months of the year, after effectively being homeless for 5 years, having somewhere to call home again is a profound comfort.

On this journey of a million miles, not only has my lifestyle changed, but my photography has constantly transformed as well. I began by focusing on specific times of day like Sunrises, Sunsets, Blue Hours, and of course the night for Astrophotography in the form of both star trails and shots of the milky way. As my technique evolved, I began to experiment with blending different moment in time together to create the perfect harmony of both natural and artificial light. Sometimes combining exposures that are hours apart, I explain the details and philosophy of this photographic blending technique. We examine multiple before and after comparisons that focus on how the post-processing is seamlessly accomplished.

A Journey of a Million Miles. Live on-stage during Photokina 2018


Getting the most out of raw file post-processing using Adobe Lightroom.

In addition to the main stage, I also taught a 40 minute mini-workshop that dives into how I get the most out of my raw file post-processing using Adobe Lightroom. If you’re curious about how I achieve the unique style in my photography, this workshops sheds light on the early stages of the process.