I’ve spent the last ten years traveling the world full-time as a professional photographer. And the more I explored our incredible planet, the more I discovered that the true beauty doesn’t reside only in the photos that we take, but rather in the relationships we build with the people we meet along the way, the cultures we explore, the stories we’re inspired by, and all of the wonderful moments in time that we experience between capturing those frames. I began to feel like there was so much more that I was learning and being inspired by that I wanted to share with the world, beyond just the photos I was taking.

For years, the idea of creating a video series was slowly growing in my mind. I wanted to find a way to encapsulate and share all of the wonderful moments that have enriched my life during my travels—the elements that surround my life as a photographer—the real things that I feel define who we are and shape us into what we become. Moreover, I wanted to help amplify the voices of others—the people that have helped inspire me the most with their knowledge and friendship. This is a show that I host but it’s not a show about me. It’s about everything that surrounds the world of photography and makes it so special.

At the point of this post, we are wrapping up filming Season One of “Moments in Time” and this amazing past two months of production has taken us to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain. Throughout the journey we’ve been able to interview, collaborate, and learn from dozens of amazing local experts, artists, and photographers from all over the world. The cameras have been always running to capture every unique moment in time along the way. We’ve learned about so many beautiful locations from the unique perspectives of locals and creatives from across multiple genres and I sincerely can’t wait to share this show with all of you.

Look for the first episode of “Moments in Time” on my YouTube Channel this June with weekly episode releases to follow or click to subscribe below.

“Moments in Time” Official Trailer

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Captured entirely with Fujifilm X Series US. Check out the Gear Page to see the full list of gear we used during the production of the season of Moments in Time.